• Einige Verbesserungen an der Performance!

    • Issue with shadows in 3D Vision mode has been resolved.
    • Screenshots to savegames made in 3D Vision are now visible in load menu.
    • Issue with Steam achievements not being registered has been resolved.
    • Blood texture glitches in game with ubersampling option turned on have been fixed.
    • Pocket item counter is properly updated after picking up an item which is already selected.
    • Issue with ingredient counter when brewing multiple Thunderbolt potions has been resolved.
    • Finished “Scent of incencse” quest is no longer marked as failed when entering Loredo’s residence at the end of Chapter 1.
    • Corrections have been made in the greater mutagen drop rate.
    • Deleting savegame after entering memories and flashbacks menu no longer causes “Loading available flashbacks” message to appear.
    • Game exe files are no longer treated as a threat by popular antivirus software.
    • Patching the game automatically right after installation no longer causes Launcher.exe error on Windows XP systems.
    • Game installation folder is not recognized if diacritic signs were used in folder name on Windows which doesn’t support them. Patch now properly informs about the cause of the problem.
    • Name of two scientists in Flotsam have been corrected.
    • Storage chest description have been corrected.
    • Description of Mahakaman Rune Sihill imported from The Witcher savegame have been corrected.

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